Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weekend celebration!

What a week! So much goodness throughout the week and so much to capture! I am just freshly entering the second day of last year in the 30's. All I really wanted was a day hanging out with my little family somewhere that's fun and time together. 

We got off the train 7 then waited for F train to come, so we can get on the Tramway in Roosevelt Island. It is such a beautiful part of the city! I just love seeing the city from a high and above distance and slowly approach to the city and watching all these buildings. All the sudden everything is bigger and taller! If it wasn't a gloomy day, the sun would shine over the buildings and that brings out all the characteristic of each. 

For the first time, we stopped a fancy candy store and I had pick up a milk chocolate pop as the first gift then two streets down I went got my second gift,  a bag of roasted almond nuts. The gentleman said two for five, but I said, oh boy! I really need one today, but thanks!  Quickly I had to have some right away then tucked away the half bag in my backpack (save them for later).  

The city was busy as always! The central park is just gorgeous around this time of the year! Endless tourists, visitors, city people and us! For the first time, I stopped by these poster vendors off the street. I really didn't think I want anything, but then all these small reprinted posters caught my eyes. I gave it a careful look, then I thought I'd better pick up third gift. The vendor told me, today is 4 for five! Oh! That is fantastic! I was so lucky found a little quilt and pillow store poster! Then the little ice cream truck was just behind the quilt poster. I have to have that, too! 

This year, I didn't really want to buy or make a full cake, after the walk, we stopped by the Plaza, just around the corner of Central Park. I ordered two slices of cake! It was delicious and really tasty! All I want just slices of cake then by the end of the day when we got home, I totally forgot about the candles (whoops!) 

As we walked down the fifth avenue, we ran into five gorgeous weddings and watched the bride walked down the aisle in the church where I like to stopped by. As I walked out the church, there was another bride on the street and another one cross the street by the public library. It must be a special Fall day for these Fall weddings! 

Our last stop is Muji store, have you been? I just love that store! I pick out my fourth gift, a black fine pen. I love how the pen writes. I would like to bring the whole place home, but I think that would be too greedy and I probably don't really need all that much.  

Then we had to walked around the Bryan Park; another my favorite spot in the city. There are many constructions up now to get ready for the upcoming holidays. Oh, I love how all the lights up during the holiday season.  That was a lot of walk for me and I had wrong shoes on; glad  the train come quicker than usual, best of that were some seating to rest the feet (oh boy!) 

My dear friends have sent me goodness over the week. New yarns, fabrics, new knitting toys, cards, and sweet treats! I am quiet spoiled by these and smitten by all the texts and calls yesterday! So much that I wanted to remember and write down before all the moment memories fade away. 

Oh boy, 39! I am officially towards the end of my 30's! I didn't really think of this year would come so soon! That means a lot of reflections and journey have taken on! I didn't really like being in my 30's. The first few years in the 30's was vulnerable, but I think I managed survived!  Then the mid 30's was the most challenging time ( I say terrible)! I had letting the depression taken away myself. That was the time, I push away good friendships and hid myself in a hole, so no one can see me. I've tried to get better, but it was hard and I had no idea how to be positive again! Life suddenly went into a dark hole and that had affected the personality and the way how to associate and connect with people and I was very lonely!  It did take a good 3 years to gain that confidence back and endless efforts to walk up to people again! Be open and be excited about life ventures again! 

There are handful of people out here and there have encouraged and supported this long dark emotional journey! It wasn't all that easy, but it is slowly turning me back to a better soul again! and boy! I didn't even like myself, so that was most terrible thing ever! 

Now, 39! I might like it a bit more than last 8 years! I seemed to find that rhythm in life and learning more about myself! I see why I was sad and discouraged from the lessons that I ran into and challenges life gave me. It is not easy, but it does only take a step a day! And it is alright to tear up some and that doesn't mean weak! 

It would be my goal to live honestly daily now! Honest the day with good and bad, honest the friendships from beginning to the end, honest the time being a mama, honest of being who I am!
It would be the one to keep on going now! 

And now, it would be hard to say life is perfect because it is not! I am looking into life in a way that how could I give in before others take their parts. I'd be try harder and not easy to give up! That will help me go on and keep things up and running! I learned that if I keep trying and daring on not fear to fail, then things will eventually fall into their place.   

Oh, so much to say when being older! 

p.s. My first sock failed as I tried to pick up the side stitches! I'll give it a try again! It was a bit crazy working with 5 needles at the time and who knows that would be such a fun project. 

p.s.. The basket wave cowl is off needles! I love how all the waves come together! I just am excited about this cowl; so soft and the color is just lovely! This is ready to post, but have to wait till December! 

p.s... Another honey cowl is on needles! It went quicker this time because I've remember the pattern by now! I'll be knitting up another honey cowl after this one, so good excuse for some new yarn ordering! 

p.s.... The fifth gift was two new indoor plants, so I can run a green house here (yup!) Once I have a fully set up green house, you are so welcome to come to sit and have tea ( smile)! 

p.s..... Thank you for checking out all the patterns this week! I truly hope you love these patterns! I've enjoy writing them this year and will keep them coming! 

more later... 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weekending + knit + tiny patchwork

It's kinda off the grid week here! I haven't really had time to sit down and sew, sew,sew, but did finished the patchworking that I've been working on early the week.  I was racing with the clock this entire week. oh, then had a little bummer news!

Late Tuesday afternoon, the intercom was buzzed! It was the mail carrier (gotta love that gentleman for the extra effort). The backing fabric for the birthday quilt came (yay)! As I raced downstair to pick up the package then quickly raced to upstair to open up the package and soon realized that it is wrong fabric ( oh, NO!! +catch my breath ) That moment I though I had ordered the wrong print??  Before reached out to the customer service, I had double check on the order mail. Ok, quickly I got on the phone and was able to talked to the customer service. I had described the print received; the design, the colors, and the company. Then the lady who was on the phone told me I could keep the fabric and they will soon mail out a replacement. You know, I had suddenly felt that I am richer by 5 yards of fabric, um.. What to do with them??  Honestly, I didn't know what to do! I waited two days later and made two pillow cases and still have plenty yardage for something else, any suggestions? The replacement will be here, next week and you know where I'll be!

As I though I didn't want or need anything for birthday this year, I actually received my pre-order yarn this week as well. I had placed a pre-order weeks ago and totally forget about this! In back of my mind, I knew I was expecting something, but didn't remember what was it! Gosh, my brain!  These beautiful fingering weighted yarn from House of a la mode is going to become a shawl, someday!  I also ordered a DK weighted to accompanied the other DK weighted yarn. I really love wrapping scarf during the winter season and shawls are just so perfect for me! So far, I really enjoy working with DK weighted yarn!

The Honey Cowl is off the needles last weekend. Right away, I casted on a new cowl, it is alike basket wave. I did knit 5 purl 5, repeat pattern. Not sure if I am doing the right knitting pattern, but I love how it is coming along! It will need few more waves before cast off. I plan on knitting another Honey cowl as soon as the basket wave cowl off needles! It is SO additive and I am getting so comfortable with stitches now!

I have got some new toys needles this week. As I shopped I realized there are so many knitting accessories!!! These needles are for socks knitting! I have been study the socks pattern and though I should jump in rather than study! Oh, the sock pattern I am going for is Rye.  I am actually excited about casting on first sock as I have my eyes on so many pretty yarn and before I dive into yarn-wonderland. I do need to be more skillful for all that prettiness!

I've been knitting a lot lately! These cowls knitting keep me so satisfied! It takes two week to knit one ! Few rows a night and eventually I have them all shape up! I have a list of cowls that I like to knit up and few more shawl patterns to try. I really need to find my time back to sewing once I get that birthday quilt done I should feel so good about it!

Oh, this coming week is going to be a exciting week for me (caught, caught). I will be turning another year old (oh my!) So much to share with you, but would have to wait after blow the candle! For the little celebration, the {Etsy shop} and {Craftsy shop} is marked 30% off on all patterns, no coupon code needed! The promotion will run till October 13th, 9p.m. EST.

more later

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October weekending

October is here! Gosh, my favorite month after all! The weather is just so beautiful last few days and finally the AC plug is off the extension box. The sunlight is softer and the temperature is just perfect for 3/4 sleeves shirts and warp around with a shawl! 

It has been such busy week here, for me! Getting things change around in the workroom, sorting through every little tins inside/outside boxes, drawers, and somewhere up and above where I regular forget and lazy to found out; dust everywhere... caught, caught from all the dust..  Still more to discover... 

The fabric stashes are unfolded from comic cardboard now. The wrapping around cardboard system didn't work so well for me since I started nearly 3 years ago. Mainly some of the fabrics are getting shorter the 1/2 yard and needed to be folded instead. So, here are piles of folded fabric and there are nicely wrapped around with cardboard. Soon, it is unorganized and that was just something I didn't anticipated first!  I've spent  few afternoons redo them and sorted them by colors (finally) and soon will mixed in the 30's reproduction as I "think" I am ready to blend them in colors now! 

I've spent more time in knitting these days. The new Honey Cowl is getting close to finish, another few rows, maybe?  I love the challenge of this pattern and you bet, this is my third try and so close to be mistake free.  I simply love how the stitches created within and the texture of it and elegant look.  

My second shawl is growing so quickly! I've randomly added two extra colors in between. The pattern which is really simple and I am getting fluent in all different knitting stitches these days. It is so nice to have a take with me project during the bus ride, car ride, and a break away from the computer works. 

And that quilt I mentioned last weekend? It is finished! <<yay!!>> I though it would take me a whole week to piecing them together or longer, but it is done! The row piecing went rather quick for this quilt! The trickiest part is matching the points and that did took some time and I used seam ripper to get them right a few times as well! The backing fabric is on its way to me and is a perfect fit for the quilt top! Once the backing arrive it will be a big job to sandwich all pieces together and start endless machine quilting. 

and I would like to start another quilt soon! All the fabrics around here need to be use and that's what they are here for! Sometimes, I have no idea why I am hoarding saving all these fabrics! Maybe just not enough of the time and good plans. Maybe we all need another sew along quilt project together, something simple and fun! Maybe when January comes and things are slower here and I'd love to run a sew along. 

I haven't had time lately, but did pick up a bag of apples from the grocery store on my walk back from the bus stop, since I though I need apples! Since then they are still sitting on the kitchen counter top and I might just turn them into apple sauce or apple crisp. Let's hope the tempurture turns into 40's this coming week and that would be my fairly excuse to stay in the kitchen for making the pie dough (fingers crossed). 

My sadly news is that the last spoon full of Iowa honey is long gone this week.  It was a jar of honey that Julie gave me as a farewell gift last year.  This past week, we've been needed extra lemon honey tea and took generous spoons of honey every time when we made the tea. I'd be searching new honey locally soon and probably will find some delicious honey in the city. 

and my patchwork... is coming soon! Just really slow this time!

more soon...